Whether you are shipping sheet metal to Africa, replacement parts to a Barnett Shale Drilling Site, valued fine art, motors, tires, antiques or any other highly valued items you can be assured they will be packed, crated and delivered safely to the destination of your choice.

No request is too unusual for us. We have the technical expertise to handle your items.

Our staff is highly experienced in packing and crating a full range of goods. We have handled a wide variety of equipment and supplies to fine art. Government, Oil & Gas, Heavy Equipment Operators, Fine Art Dealers and more worldwide rely on us. We have the expertise to meet every challenge successfully.

Export Crating

International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) is an international measure developed to prevent the spread of disease and pests among wood products used to ship goods between countries.

Baker’s Crating has been ISPM 15 certified for more than 15 years with monthly inspection reports to show compliance.

Our inventory is debarked and heat treated as required by the standard. After completion, crates destined for export are stamped with our HT stamp before leaving our facility.

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